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Ores, Apartments
Adress Tērvetes nov., Tērvete, Ores
Phone +371 2700 6660
E-mail apartamenti.ores@inbox.lv
Internet www.ores.lv
Museum of Kārlis Ulmanis "Pikšas"
Adress Pikšas, Bērzes pagasts
Phone +371 29364230; +371 26670812
E-mail piksas@piksas.lv
Internet www.piksas.lv
Offer The museum is one of the most important historical monuments in Latvia. President Kārlis Ulmanis was born in Pikšas in 1877, and he spent his childhood there. The museum is created as a rural farm of the 30-ies of the 20th century, giving a picture of the development of farming in this period of time and the old-style country living. The exhibition gives insight into the life and work of Kārlis Ulmanis.
Dobele Tourist information centre
Adress Brīvības iela 15, Dobele
Phone (+371)63707255, 26136682
E-mail turisms@dobele.lv
Internet www.zemgaletourim.lv
Tērvete Tourist information centre
Adress Tērvete, Tērvetes nov.
Phone (+371)63726212
Fax www.zemgaletourim.lv
E-mail tervetetic@inbox.lv
Auce Tourist information centre
Adress Jelgavas iela 1, Auce, Auces nov.
Phone (+371)63745506
E-mail evija.zelve@inbox.lv
Internet www.auce.lv
Tērvete nature park
Adress Tērvete, Tērvetes nov.
Phone (+371)63726212
E-mail tervete@lvm.lv
Internet www.mammadaba.lv
"Sprīdīši"- Writers A.Brigadere museum
Adress Tētvete, Tērvetes nov.
Phone (+371)26532691
E-mail spridisi@spridisi.lv
Internet www.spridisi.lv
P.Upisa garden
Adress Graudu 1, Dobele
Phone (+371)63722294, 26408655
E-mail muzejs@lvai.lv
Internet www.lvai.lv
Dobele local history museum
Adress Brīvības iela 7, Dobele, Dobeles nov.
Phone (+371)63721309
E-mail muzejs@dobele.lv
Agro enterprise Tērvete
Adress "Tišas", Kroņauce, Tērvetes pag., LV3730
Phone +371 29299030
Fax +371 63768642
E-mail ilze@tervete.lv
Internet www.tervete.lv
Description Horse breading, cafe, brewery

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