About Zemgale

About Zemgale

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General information: 

Location: Zemgale lies in the south of Latvia. In the south it  borders with Lithuania, in the north with Riga and Vidzeme region, in the west - Kurzeme, but in the east with Latgale region.

Zemgale tourism area consists of such towns and its surroundings: Dobele (Auce, Tērvete), Jelgava (Eleja, Ozolnieki), Bauska (Iecava, Pilsrundāle, Vecumnieki), Ķekava, Aizkraukle (Jaunjelgava, Skrīveri, Pļaviņas, Koknese), Jēkabpils (Viesīte, Nereta, Aknīste)

Name Zemgale orgins from the Semgallian tribes which once occupied it before the arrival of the German crusaders in the 13th century. 

How to reach: Zemgale towns mainly can be reached by bus or some (Jelgava, Aizkraukle, Koknese, Pļaviņas, Jēkabpils) by train.

Tourist Hotline 1188

The State Tourism Development Agency has set up an official tourist information hotline 1188 to heighten convenience and comfort for visitors while in Latvia, offering support, advice and trouble-shooting 24h in the English, German, Russian and Latvian languages.

Tourist Hotline 1188 offers:

• Informative support in emergency situations (for example, theft, scams, rip-offs, consular matters, medical assistance, highway mishaps);
• Complaints and suggestions;
• Information on transportation (routes, times, fare prices, methods of payment, trains, buses, taxi cabs, air travel, public transportation, e-tickets, etc.);
• Assistance in locating places and sites by map;
• Translation help in problem situations (in Latvian, Russian, English and German);
• Direct phone connections;
• Events calendar (movies, concerts, opera, exhibitions, sports, etc.);
• Q&A on businesses and services, contacts;
• Basic tourist information via text message;
• Ticket reservation; direct lines to box offices;
• Detailed information via text message or “Wap Push” (movie schedule, brief instructions, guides, links to Websites, etc.).
Tourist Hotline 1188 provisions:
• This service is accessible to all phone network clients/subscribers in Latvian territory and non-resident subscribers, by calling: 1188;
Outside Latvia, the service can be accessed by phoning: 371 6700 1188
• Available 24 hours a day;
• Offered in Latvian, Russian, English and German;
• Toll per call set according to each phone company’s fees;
• Mobile phone guest subscribers, entering Latvia, will receive a message with information about the service;
• Tourists can also send an e-mail: hotline@latviatourism.lv, informing about their trip to Latvia, and submitting complaints or suggestions.